Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hogsback 2009

Our first excursion was this last weekend. We took a group of 20 people to Hogsback. The trip was a roaring success despite the rainfall and the cold!
In true Rhodes fashion (as its almost exactly what happened last year) we arrived at Hogsback after the sun had set. Hence the tent was put up in the dark again but not only that! This year we had the added bonus of rain to make it a real challenge! hehe but we pulled up our hoodies and got cracking and in no time our tent (although a bit wet inside) was up! HOORAY!!!

On Saturday due to the rain we divided into two groups those who wanted to hike and those who thought the drier choice of the bus would be best. We all had the same destination in mind.....the Madonna and Child Waterfall. Which is the waterfall in the above photo.
The reat of the weekend was spent making friends and hiking to other waterfalls like the swallow tails, 39 steps and the cliff at The Edge.
Thank you to everyone that came with as I had an awesome time!

Lonely berry taking a refreshing swim (and by refreshing I mean flipping freezing cold).

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter Holiday pictures by Kristin Mettam

Kristin also spent some of her holiday at the beach where she took these two photos. They are great examples of using macro and the rule of thirds in two different contexts. In the above shot she places the shell on drift wood near the bottom corner. The way she has taken the shot allows the wood to be the main focus with the sea and shell adding atmosphere to the photo. While in the below shot she uses stone and places the shell closer in the foreground allowing it to be the main focus.

Easter Holiday pictures by Jena Scheepers

Thanks to Jena who has kindly allowed me to share her holiday photo's with you. The beach shots are from Kenton and Jeffery's Bay while the above night shots is from her sister's 18th birthday.

Monday, April 20, 2009

More of the not so usual holiday

These are my photo's from the ANC rally that was held on Friday 18 April in a village outside Peddie.

Not the usual....

Dr Dandala addresses the press at the COPE headquaters in downtown East London. Picture by: TARRYN LIDDELL 16.04.09

Well as you can probably tell from the first photo in this post my holiday was not spent in the usual manner. You see I traded one week of my Easter holiday in for a week's vac work at the Daily Dispatch in East London.
Now to be truthful I was rather nervous to work at the Daily Dispatch as it was my first time working for a proper media institution and I had no clue what to expect! Luckily the people at the Dispatch are amazing and showed great patience in dealing with my annoying habits of talking too much and asking far too many questions.
Being at the Dispatch for the week leading up to the elections was ideal as I got to attend both a COPE and an ANC rally. So I have to say thanks to all the staff at the Daily Dispatch but especially a big thanks to all the photographers and the politics desk for letting me tag along! You guys are awesome!!!

Dr Dandala addresses a crowd of COPE supporters near Second Creek.

The rally was held at the Victoria Grounds in King Williams Town and drew a crowd of 5000 COPE supporters.

Ex Eastern Cape Premier Nosimo Balindlela and friend at the Victoria Grounds.

Welcome Back

So it is official today was the first day of Term 2! Welcome back to Rhodes I hope that you all had a fabulous Easter holiday and took loads of photos.
This term is going to be a very exciting one for photosoc has we have our Meet and Greet coming up soon as well as our shirts are almost ready! Not to mention that the excursions will be starting soon too!!!
To get the ball rolling on the blog this term I thought we could share holiday photos. So I will be posting some shots that I took during the holiday to start us off.
If any of you would like to share some of your holiday shots with the rest of the members please feel free to email them to me at g08l1010@campus.ru.ac.za and I will post them.