Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Photo Treasure Hunt Tips

Birds of a feather

Picture by Tarryn

Sunrise or sunset

Picture by Tarryn

Life in motion
Picture by Tarryn

World from above or below
Picture by Magaret


Picture by Tarryn

Photo Treasure Hunt Tips

The City Streets

Picture by SummerBee9292


Picture by Tarryn

Picture by Socolaolait


Picture by Moi

On the inside

Picture by Google

Photo Treasure Hunt Competition

I hope that everyone is as excited as I am that it's almost holidays!!!! Well I have some more good news for you all! Photosoc is holding a Photo Treasure Hunt Competition over the holidays!! Yes you heard me right....its photo competition time! And we even have great prizes to entice you all to enter! :)
Ok so let me break down how this works...

The competition starts on Monday 8th June and the closing date is Monday 3rd August
Members can enter for free
Non members can enter but there is an entrance fee of R10.00

You have to choose 5 of the items on the treasure hunt list.
So in the end you will enter a total of 5 photos.

Treasure Hunt List

  1. Life in motion

  2. Silver lining

  3. Birds of a feather

  4. Children

  5. Transport

  6. Liquid in motion

  7. Weather

  8. The city streets

  9. World from above or below

  10. Shadows

  11. Patterns

  12. On the inside

  13. One colour three things

  14. self portrait

  15. Sunrise and sunset

To help you out I searched the net for some examples and added some of my own.

Life in motion

Picture by XxXJaPpAnErDieXxX

One colour three things

Picture by Dorzhi

The city streets

Picture by Ronnie Rocker

Picture by Lost Inside31

Picture by Diesnail